Tel: (586) 336-5015
Fax: (586) 336-5019
101 McLean Drive, Romeo MI 48065

For FTP Upload/Download contact program manager.

(Program manager will provide username and password.)

For Uploading Files:

1. Program manager will designate a folder on our FTP site for you to upload your file to.
2. Log on to Find the designated folder and upload your file.

For Downloading Files:

Log on to Open the "OUTGOING" folder, and download the desired file from your company folder on the Romeo Technologies FTP site.

Click button to FTP files

Here are instructions if you’re unable to transfer files through your browser.

SPECIAL NOTE: Instead of using a browser, such as internet Explorer. You’ll use Microsoft Explorer. There are security differences, you’ll only have to log into our FTP site once and you’ll be able to view files in a standard Window Explorer view (rather than a “tree” structure). You can also use drag/drop and copy/paste functions to copy to/from your own PC to Romeo’s FTP Server.

Windows Vista or Win7:
Click on the “Start” button then “Computer”

Windows XP Users:
Click on the “Start” button then “My Computer”
(Either option will display the Windows Explorer
panel shown below.)

Use the following instructions to access our FTP site using Windows Explorer.

1. Click Start

2. Click Computer (or My Computer from Windows XP)

3. In the address bar, clear the contents then type:
then press the Enter key.

4. An error box will pop up saying,
"Windows can not access this folder..., Click "OK"

5. Right-click in the blank Windows Explorer screen,
and from the menu click "Login As..."

6. You’ll be prompted for a User Name and Password (use the
password given to you by Romeo Technologies)
Type in the User Name:
Type in the Password: xxxxxxxx
Click on the Log On button.

7. You’ll now be directed to a special, secured folder on our network
specifically created for you. At this point, you can copy/paste or
drag/drop files to/from our FTP site to your local PC.

8. Once you’re finished, please ensure to CLOSE the Windows
Explorer page. This will disconnect you from our FTP site.